Therapy Services & Management

Operating a successful Rehabilitation Department requires much more than providing outstanding therapy care. Understanding PDPM, training and managing therapy staff, providing insight and coordination to Nursing and MDS, and completing assessments and documentation that impact reimbursement are all critical to your facility’s success. 

Century Rehabilitation is committed to:

– Delivering world-class therapy care in all rehabilitative therapy disciplines

– Reducing our client’s risk with proven care standards, staff performance monitoring, and quality control of
   documentation and reimbursement activities

– Providing a highly skilled, continuously trained, and caring therapy and management staff

– Working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals

– Being a one stop partner by offering staffing, training, medical review, clinical expertise, compliance, and consulting.

Every LTC facility has different needs from its rehabilitation provider…and those needs can change over time. Century Rehabilitation offers different service models to ensure that we best meet your needs. Regardless of the model you choose, we focus on the quality of therapy care and delivering results for our patients and our facility owners.

Therapy Services Include

century rehabilitation therapy services

Physical Therapy

An easy, pain-free range of motion goes hand in hand with quality of life. Our physical therapists specialize in helping patients manage their pain and maintain or improve any joint-related range of motion issues that may have occurred due to injury, illness, or medical condition.

Occupational Therapy

True independence begins with the ability to move. Our occupational therapists specialize in treating injured, ill, or disabled patients who need helping learning, or relearning the physical skills required for work, school, or everyday living.

Speech-Language Pathology

Our speech-language pathologists specialize in assessing and treating children and adults whose communication disabilities make it difficult, or impossible to speak.

Supplemental Programs

In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology, we offer specialists across a broad spectrum of more specific therapeutic needs for both brain and body.

Contracture Management
Dementia Management
Restraint Management
Position and Seating
Spaced Retrieval
Vestibular Rehab
Aural Rehab
CPR Training

Century Healthcare Recruiting

Century’s in-house recruiting team is here to help recruit and fill your open positions.  Our experienced staff recruits for any position within your healthcare organization with a team ready to fill positions throughout the country. 

Therapy & Nurse Consulting

We can truly “rehabilitate” your business through complete facility and clinical consulting. Our professional teams help clients implement clinical best practices and develop processes to improve reimbursement.

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