Why Century Rehab? The Answer Lies In Four Words

When you’re looking to purchase a quality diamond, the Gemological Institute of America tells you to look for the four Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The higher the quality of those four qualifiers, the better the quality of the diamond in question.


At Century Rehab, we’ve also built a legacy of quality on the strength of four Cs. Our four words – caring, compassionate, committed, and complete – form the foundation of everything we do. And our mission as a company, as leadership, and as a team of dedicated associates, is to deliver on these four words every day. They are what makes Century Rehab special, and ultimately, what sets us apart from our competition.



We care that our patients achieve their deserved goals.


At Century Rehab, we don’t look at caring for patients as a job, or even a career. It’s a calling. And a privilege. If you’ve been in this business long enough, you’ve seen plenty of therapists and nurses who go through the motions, just to earn a paycheck. You can tell when that’s happening, and so can the patients. Our team is called to something much higher than that. Our focus is making sure every person we care for has a positive, personal experience, and that each day they get closer to achieving their goals. We’re here to serve. And it’s not just our patients we care for.


Our business is built around strategic partnerships that take a 360-degree approach to therapy that includes rehab, staffing, and consulting. We genuinely care for the people we work with and for each other. But we also care about doing what we can to make our partners’ business stronger. We understand the practical realities rehab departments face and that’s why every day, we go above and beyond what’s expected. We care about prevention and we care about outcomes. When those are positive, everybody wins.



We treat each patient as if they were our loved one.


If you work in our business, you know therapists and nurses are special people. Ours are some of the best – in part because of how they were trained, but even more because of who they are.


Because we include staffing and consulting among our core competencies, we spend a lot of time and effort hiring the right people for the companies we serve. Working in healthcare requires a great deal of empathy and compassion. But it also requires people to be great communicators. To know how to listen. To treat each person as though they are someone we love. These are the qualities you’ll find in our associates. How can we be sure? Because our team of experienced recruiters identify, qualify and interview every candidate to ensure they meet our exacting standards of ethics, professionalism and compassion. The truth is, we don’t train exemplary people. He hire them.



We are committed to providing each patient with a level of care tailored to their specific needs.


No two people are exactly alike and as such, no two injuries or conditions are exactly the same. Our staff understands that and as such, we always take the time and effort to really get to know our patients. We seek to understand the complete nature of their need for therapy and then tailor our care to what each person needs and what will move them closer to healing.


Too many skilled nursing facilities in our business offer cookie-cutter care with staff who rotate through their days attending to tasks, not people. At Century Rehab, we are wholly committed both to our patients and our partners. We are committed to providing extraordinary care at every level. And we are committed to setting the bar for excellence for every company in our business.


Our treatment is comprehensive and provided with the highest level of professionalism and ethics.


“As an industry leader in compassionate and dedicated care, we deliver our services utilizing the highest level of quality and ethics.” That statement was as true on day one as it is today. For more than two decades, Century Rehab has strived for excellence in Therapy, Staffing and Consulting and we’re proud to say we’ve delivered without ever compromising our commitment to quality or professionalism.


We have the utmost respect for our competitors. But we also humbly believe there is no other company that does what we do, as completely as we do it. By offering our partners one-stop shopping for therapy, staffing, and consulting services, we’re able to assess situations, quickly staff the opportunity and solve problems quickly, easily, and affordably. Century Rehab is the complete solution. No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.


Caring. Compassionate. Committed. Complete. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous diamond or something equally stunning in a therapy provider, remember to look for the four Cs. They work. And they’ll never let you down.




CENTURY REHABILITATION provides therapy, staffing and consulting services for skilled nursing and outpatient facilities so they can focus on the quality care their patients deserve. Founded by healthcare veteran Richard K. Pellerin, Century Rehab was built on the principle of always “doing the right thing” for our facilities, patients and employees. Every day, our teams continually strive to build lasting partnerships based on the highest level of quality and ethics. We are here to help improve our clients’ financial, operational and clinical performance so they can be extraordinary leaders in compassionate care.

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