Giving Back: Century Rehab’s Legacy of Compassion and Care

It’s been said, if you want to understand the true character of a company, watch how they respond in the middle of a crisis. At Century Rehabilitation Services, we don’t think crisis should have anything to do with it. In good times and bad, in crisis or not, we believe there’s only one authentic way to do business.

Twenty-one years ago, CEO Richard Pellerin founded Century Rehab on the principle of always “doing the right thing” and building lasting partnerships based on the highest level of quality and ethics. For our patients, that means compassionate, meticulous, high-quality care. And for our partners, an honest, transparent relationship with the goal of improving their financial, operational and clinical performance so they too, can provide truly compassionate care.

Right now, we’re all living through a frightening, anxious period of uncertainty that has threatened everything from how we work and live, to how we love and care for those closest to us. In our case, those closest to us are the brave, dedicated people who work for us. Our therapists. Our nurses. Our recruiters and consultants. They are the people fulfilling our company promise every day. And from the founding of our company, we wanted to make sure we could offer the greatest care for them in times of need.

That’s why, in 2015, we created the Century Rehab Foundation to offer employee assistance and scholarship funds to our employees and their families in times when they need them most. From the beginning, Richard Pellerin understood that if members of our team were struggling, they couldn’t possibly provide their highest level of care.

“Whether we’re in a national crisis, or a personal one, our patients still need us to provide top-notch care as they gain strength and work toward essential life skills,” Pellerin said. “Caring for our therapists and caregivers ensures they, in turn, have their best to give to our patients.”

Through the Foundation, Century Rehab has created a number of programs to help those in need during challenging times like the ones we’re experiencing now with coronavirus. In this time of uncertainty and employment anxiety, employees and eligible dependents can apply to one of two Employee Assistance Programs for help.


The foundation’s Employee 1st Fund was designed to help employees or affiliated company partners who have been affected by financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19. Those affected can apply for a disaster or personal hardship grant through a completely confidential process. And to show that we truly are all in this together, other members of the Century Rehab family can donate to help increase the gifts we’re able to give.

Over the years, Century Rehab team members have displayed extraordinary kindness and generosity toward their co-workers in times of need and this time of coronavirus is no different. As one recipient said in her thank you to the company, “this fund shows me we truly are a family looking out for each other. This grant was a big help during an extremely stressful time in our lives.”


In addition to the Employee 1st Fund, the Lori and Richard Pellerin Fund offers help to Century Rehab employee families and the community through two different grants.

First, the fund offers grants to help various community causes proposed by inspired employees of the company. Through the generosity of the fund and the shared passion of our civic-minded team members, we’re able to support meaningful community projects in both Louisiana and Texas.

Second, the Pellerin Fund offers scholarships to support an employee, or dependent of an employee seeking education in the rehabilitation industry. The scholarship award is a one-time $2,500 to be used toward tuition fees only. To qualify, an employee or dependent must be seeking a degree to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant, or Physical Therapy Assistant, or in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology.

“Doing the right thing isn’t a situational thing,” noted CEO Richard Pellerin. “Building the kind of culture we want at Century means doing the right things for our employees as well. Century Rehab’s care, compassion and commitment means offering those things to everyone.”

The application period for a Pellerin Fund scholarship ends after the first quarter of each calendar year. For more information, please contact [email protected], or click here.

CENTURY REHABILITATION provides therapy, staffing and consulting services for skilled nursing and outpatient facilities so they can focus on the quality care their patients deserve. Founded by healthcare veteran Richard K. Pellerin, Century Rehab was built on the principle of always “doing the right thing” for our facilities, patients and employees. Every day, our teams continually strive to build lasting partnerships based on the highest level of quality and ethics. We are here to help improve our clients’ financial, operational and clinical performance so they can be extraordinary leaders in compassionate care.


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